Employees are your biggest asset and making sure they’re in top shape is paramount to your business's overall success.  Chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and many others make your employees less productive, costing you money and worsening your bottom line. 

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Sick employees are unproductive employees.

Oftentimes your employees don’t know who to turn to for help making healthy lifestyle changes.  With work and non-work related stresses, sometimes health falls to the bottom of the list.  Although it doesn’t seem like it’s your problem, unfortunately it becomes your problem when employees call out sick or come in late or leave early for various reasons.  If you’re not invested in your employees’ well-being, they won’t be invested in your company. 

Workplace wellness is the future of health.

Workplace wellness isn’t a fad.  As health insurance premiums continue to rise and more Americans are diagnosed with chronic diseases, employers are turning to wellness programs to promote health and prevent disease.  

According to the Department of Labor, approximately 50% of companies in the United States offer some form of wellness promotion initiatives.  As an employer, you know you must remain competitive to draw the best talent.  Offering access to a dietitian to discuss changes in eating is a large and meaningful gesture to show your employees how committed you are to their well-being.  When employees feel respected (and feel better), they work harder for you.    

So what are you waiting for? 

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