Weight management is hard.   Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain it or maintain it, balancing your intake and output can be a challenge.   

Your metabolism requires calories. 

Metabolism is defined as the "chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life." 

Calories are needed to carry out these processes.  Even at rest, your body requires energy to sustain vital functions like breathing, thinking, circulation and cell growth and repair.  When we eat food, we provide our body the calories it needs to carry out these basic tasks.  Add walking, running, jogging, driving, dancing, singing, swimming and other activities into the mix and our body requires even more calories to keep going.   

Metabolic testing for weight loss.

When we eat more than we need, we gain weight.  When we eat less than we need, we lose weight.  When intake equals output, we maintain our weight.

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Unfortunately with hectic schedules, long work hours, traveling, deadlines and other reasons, it’s not uncommon for many individuals to engage in mindless eating and eat more than they need.  A few indulgences here and there is fine, but the weight starts to creep on when it consistently happens.  Overtime, the ability to recognize fullness becomes distorted.

Are you someone who…

  • Has been overweight or obese for a long time?
  • Lost weight but then plateaued?
  • Unsuccessfully tried to lose weight before?
  • Can't gain weight no matter how much you eat?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the following questions, getting your metabolism tested will take the guesswork out of reaching your weight goals. 

Metabolic equations are rough estimations.

Metabolic equations like Harris-Benedict, Mifflin-St. Jeor and kilocalories per kilogram are estimations based on a number of factors and they do not take into consideration your genetic makeup.  Medical conditions like hypothyroid and hyperthyroid aren’t even considered in these equations and for this reason, these estimates are inaccurate.  Using these equations is like buying "off-the-rack."     

To test your metabolism, just breathe.  

Metabolic testing is as simple as breathing.  All you need to do is breathe into a tube.  Your personalized metabolic rate is determined by the amount of carbon dioxide you produce and oxygen you consume.

Please note that metabolic testing is currently restricted to corporate wellness clients at this time.  

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