Nutrigenomics studies the interaction between nutrition and its effects on our genes, especially the role of diet in causing disease. 

Your genetics determine how you breakdown and absorb the nutrients you eat.  Have you ever wondered why some people can eat salty foods and have normal blood pressure while others can't?  The answer is in our genes. Knowing your genetic profile will enable you to make better dietary choices for better long-term health.

                                                              Consumption does not equal absorption!

Individuals with certain genetic mutations are not able to absorb nutrients as efficiently as those without the mutations.  This can lead to a host of complications including inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, celiac disease and nutrient deficiencies.  By knowing which nutrients your body has trouble absorbing, we can then create a plan to prevent nutrient deficiencies from forming. 

Our genes also determine what foods we should eat to lose weight.

By knowing which foods your body processes efficiently, you can avoid the foods that prevent you from losing weight.  For instance, some individuals lose more weight when they eat a diet high in monounsaturated fats, however, others do better on a low-fat diet.

If you’re tired of eating “healthy” but not seeing any results, genetic testing may shed some light on why this is.  

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