What does RXN stand for?  

RXN is shorthand for "reaction" in medical terminology, so the company name is pronounced "Gut Reaction Nutrition." 

Do you accept insurance? 

I do not accept insurance.  This is because insurance typically only covers visits for renal failure (dialysis) and diabetes.  With a lack of coverage for the services I provide, it does not make sense for me to do so. 

Due to insurance regulations, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries are not eligible for GUT RXN Nutrition's services, even if they offer to self-pay.  It is against the law!

Where is your office located?  Can we work remotely?

All sessions are conducted virtually, eliminating the need for in-person visits (which is really convenient when the weather is bad).  We can work either via phone or telehealth (video), depending on your preference.  For telehealth, there are no programs to download.  Just click the link in your reminder e-mail, enter your name and you'll placed into my virtual waiting room until our session begins.  Note that telehealth only works on Chrome and Firefox.  iPads and iPhones are not currently supported. 


What is the difference between Mediator Release Testing (MRT) and IgG testing?  Many tests seem to use IgG as an indicator of food sensitivities.  Which is better? 

Hands down, MRT is the preferred method of detecting and identifying food sensitivities.  Though all tests have their limitations, MRT outperforms IgG testing in four key ways:

  • IgG is limited to Type III Hypersensitivity reactions; MRT not only tests for Type III, but also Type IV Hypersensitivities (Food Sensitivities take both pathways, not just one)
  • High levels of IgG can either be protective of your immune system or destructive of it, the test has no way of differentiating; MRT doesn't have this problem because it is not an IgG based test
  • IgG only tests for IgG, even though IgA, Complement, T-cells and others can be involved in food sensitivity reactions; MRT tests for ALL released mediators regardless of which mechanism is triggered
  • There is no specific diet protocol to follow once your IgG results come in; MRT has the LEAP diet protocol

For more on why IgG is not useful, please read this article.


What kind of workplace wellness services do you offer?

That depends on what you’re looking for.  Once you’ve determined your goals for a workplace wellness program, I’ll recommend the services that I feel align with those goals.  

How long do your workplace wellness programs last?

As long as you’d like them to.  There’s no minimum and there’s definitely no maximum.  Each company has different needs. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

Check is preferred but I also accept all major credit cards.